Eminent Technology Associates brings to you the industrial experience from technical personnel in the oil/gas and power production industry. Following project activities for the industry can be handled by our group:-

1) Process studies and selection of the most suitable process for the given parameters.

2) Flow schemes, P&ID’s for process systems i.e.:-

     – Well Tie in
     – Oil and Gas Separation Stations
     – Crude Stabilization Unit
     – Gas Sweetening Unit
     – Gas Dehydration Unit
     – Dew Point Reduction Unit
     – LPG Extraction Unit
     – Biogas Treatment For Use as Fuel Gas
     – Oil Storage Terminals, Tanker Filling and Decanting Facilities

Other documents related to oil and gas processing plants such as:-

     – Commissioning Procedures
     – Design Basis Documents
     – Technical Audit Reports
     – Safety Reports

 3) Design of Pipelines for Oil, LPG, Gas, Water.

    – Preparation of pipeline plan & profile drawings
    – Preparation of Data sheets and specifications for procurement of materials.
Preparation of Material take-off (Level-1 and Level-2).
Preparation of construction specifications.
    – Preparation of construction BOQs.
    – Stress analysis of the pipeline.
    – Surge Analysis
    – Buoyancy calculations where water crossings are involved & design of anchors/buoyancy weights
    – Preparation of drawings for Highway, railroad crossings
    – Upheaval buckling analysis.
    – Pipeline product receiving station
    – Pipeline Block Valve Stations
    – SCADA system design for pipeline data transfer and control of block valves
    – Welding Procedures
    – Civil Drawing for isolating valve pits.
    – Design of Pig Launcher/Receiver Foundations

4) Evaluation of plant design with respect to Safety Aspects

Review of plant emissions for compliance to National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) and suggestions for additional treatment units

Design for plant effluent disposal, conforming to (NEQS) involving;
     – Filtration
     – Dissolved air flotation
     – Bioreactors
     – Membrane bioreactors

HAZOP Facilitation for completed designs, preparation of HAZOP reports

5) Flow schemes and P&ID’s for utility systems i.e
     – Cooling water
     – Fresh water from ground water desalination and boiler feed water preparation
     – Fire Water systems & foam application
     – Fuel gas
     – Steam generation & condensate collection
     – Instrument and plant air
     – Water Treatment system design

6) Water Treatment plant design i.e
Reverse Osmosis desalination, Water softeners, ion exchange units

7) Sizing of Separators and pipelines

8) Evaluation of project design for investment banks.

9) Costing of Oil & gas plants.

10) Procurement assistance for buying project equipment; preparation of data sheets, evaluation of bids.

11) Financial analysis and payback periods for proposed projects.

12) De-bottlenecking of existing plants and evaluation of cost for revamp work.

13) Project execution documents such as Instruction to Bidders, EPC Contracts.

14) Conceptual design reports, design basis for large value projects.

15) Detail Design for :
     – Pressure Vessels
     – Piping
     – Storage Tanks
     – Steel Structure, civil works