Projects Handled


 Since registration in March 2015 the company has worked on and completed the following assignments.

  • Review of FEED package for PPL’s 60 MMSCFD gas treatment plant at Gambat Train II. produced by M/s SMEC Islamabad. 
  • Scope of supply finalization with EPC Contractor PPL Gambat Gas processing Facility
  • HAZOP representation of PPL’s consultant for the FEED for Gambat Train II
  • HAZOP Facilitation and design review for Descon Engineering (DEST) for UEP’s below stated projects

Design for a standardized EPF package

Incorporating H2S Scavenger package upstream of the gas treatment train in NaimatBisal

Buzdar South modifications for reducing operations personnel

Paniro Modifications, Sohrab Deep Compression, Zaur Deep Unmanning Mods.

Khaskheli Unmanning Mods

Naimat addition of Skim Tank and drains

Naimat CO2 Amine K.O. Vessel Incorporated

Jabo Skim Pit Incorporation

Rahim 3 Testing at Rahim X1 Remote Facility

Installing compressor on Turk Remote Facility

Lodano Facility modifications in Compression Scheme

Rajani Compression Scheme Phase 1 & Phase 1A

Rajani 5 Compression, Rajani 6 Compression

Kausar Closed Drain system- Addition of Skin Tank

Kausar Flare Upgrade HAZOP Review

Naimat Produced Water disposal system enhancement

Naimat Sales gas optimization modifications

Rajani 9, Phase III compression, Rajani 4, Salamat 1 Compression, Miano 25 Compression

  • HAZOP Facilitation for 4.5 MW Power Generation with Waste Heat Recovery Boiler for Pakistan Refinery Ltd.

 HAZOP Facilitation for Shell Pakistan for following projects;

Motor gasoline transfer through pipeline at Shikarpur Terminal

Addition of Motor Gasoline Storage capacity at Shikarpur Terminal

Addition of Motor Gasoline Storage at Machike

  • HAZOP for Large LPG Storage Terminal and transport Pipeline from Jetty at Port Qasim
  • Rating of available gas plant equipment for use on a proposed new gas plant comprising of flow line, Inlet separation, Glycol Dehydration, Dew Point Control Unit and Condensate stabilization
  • Review of Gun Barrel Design and Nozzle elevations (Oil & Gas Dev. Corpn. Pakistan)
  • Engineering for Process deliverables P&ID’s, Data Sheets for 7500 M.Tons LPG Storage terminal
  • Preparation of calculation Module for steam consumption for a Jacketed Reaction Vessel at ICI
  •  Process Design for PRMS at City Gate Station at Aba Nigeria for Shell Nigeria Gas involving Dew Point Control thru Low Temp. Separation, Gas Heating, Pressure Reduction and Metering. Design of Offsite and utilities for the PRMS.
  • ETA as the local engineering consulting company, partnered, with M/s Elemental Group of New Zealand to prepare a comprehensive bid for an ADB (Asian Development Bank) funded project. The project required a study to identify an underground Gas storage location for Pakistan’s requirement after review of data for various depleted gas fields. The study also included the review of subsurface characteristics of fields, design of a new gas treatment facility, a gas compression facility and connecting pipelines to the main gas trunk lines.

ETA was tasked with the responsibility of providing all discipline engineers, pipeline specialist, engineering manager and general coordination amongst the engineering staff. The work was to be carried out under supervision of senior staff of M/s Elemental Group.

The bid was found technically acceptable by ADB but could not secure the lowest commercial position to warrant award of the project. The budget cost for the study project was $ 0.6 Million.

  • P&IDs development and HAZOP for the project; Installation of Three Phase separator upstream of Gas processing plant at Meyal Pakistan. Client was Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. The project was done under subcontract from M/s Petrocon & M/s Optimum Engineering Services.