The company has following working arrangement with other companies in the Oil and Gas Industry and abroad.

1) To perform a review of the final design and HAZOP for the designs prepared by the Design House run by M/s DEST (Descon Engineering Services and Technology). The DEST design House is dedicated for working on De-bottlenecking of existing facilities or new projects for M/s United Energy Pakistan Ltd (UEP).

2) Collaborate on Projects to provide economical man-hours for Basic and Detail Engineering for Oil and Gas related projects forwarded by M/s Talis Engineering Inc of Calgary Canada. Further M/s Talis Engineering Inc will provide expert engineering man-hours wherever called for by M/s Eminent Technology Associates. This arrangement is flexible and modalities can be worked out according to individual projects and client needs.

3) Collaboration to provide Process Engineering Services and acquire Mechanical Engineering Services on need basis with M/s Optimum Engineering Services Karachi Pakistan.

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