1  Muhammad Rashid Faruqi

Bachelor’s in Mech. Engg. Lahore 1974, Master’s from
New Brunswick Canada 1979

Area of Strength

Project Management, Preparation of ITB’s, Draft contracts, Bid Evaluation.

Design of Gas Processing
plants, off-sites and utility systems. Amine,
Glycol, DPCU and LPG Extraction Plants.Claus Sulfur Recovery Unit.
Design Basis Documents, Conceptual Reports,
P&ID’s, PFD’s & data sheets.
Water treatment system design
Biogas Treatment for use as Fuel Gas.

Plant Costing. Financial Analysis of projects


Employed in the Oil and Gas industry
in Pakistan since 1977. Worked for
consulting companies, Enar Petrotech
and Zishan Engineers deployed on
projects for NRL, OGDCL,
Petronas, Mari Petroleum.
Pan Ocean Nigeria.


Quality Control & liaison of
design documents between Front End and detail design.

HAZOP Facilitation, Safety Review HAZOP Reports

Also served in Brunei (Shell),
Malaysia (Edeleanu) and
Nigeria (Addax
Petroleum )


Design of LPG Storage terminal.
Equipment Sizing for Eminent
Technology Associates

for several plants.

Mogas Line & addition of tanks
for Shell Pakistan

Power Generation
with Waste Heat
Recovery for PRL

LPG Storage

Addition of 3 phase separator upstream
of Meyal Facility
for PPL & addition of tanks; OES

2  Ahmad Raza Khan

Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering 1974.
from Ibadan
Institute of Technology Iran

Wide ranging experience in operation of Processing plants gas sweetening, dehydration
units and LPG Extraction.
Gas Compression units.
Crude Stabilization Unit. Sulfur Recovery Unit. LPG cylinder filling facility. Ammonia and Urea plant.

Employed in the oil and Gas industry
since 1974. Worked for following companies; Polish Oil & Gas, Orient
Petroleum Int. POL,
Pak Saudi Fertilizer,
Attock Refinery

3  Khalid

Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering
1974 MBA from SulRos Texas State University 1987

Experienced in start up, commissioning and operations of large processing plants.

Served in following companies;
OGDCL (Uch) ,
PPL(Adhi) , Dubai
Petroleum Co.
(offshore), Pakland
Cement and Pak.
Steel Mills

4  Muhammad
    Ayaz Jabbar

Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering 1991

Experienced indetail design
of fixed and single and double deck floating roof tanks. Detail design of piping, stress analysis of piping. Design of storage terminals. Product loading and decanting systems. Fire fighting systems. Design of pressure vessels. Offsite and utility design of distilleries.
Pipeline and pump station design.

Served with Atlas
Engineering Services
Zishan Engineers (Pvt.)

5  Syed Furrukh

Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering

Project Management of large projects.
Detail design of storage tanks and piping. Loading and decanting terminals. Design of
pressure vessels. Design of
pipelines and stations. Technical Report Writing and Bid Evaluations.

Served with Zishan
Engineers (Pvt.) Ltd.
ENI Pakistan

6  Iftikhar Khokhar

Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering 

Detailed Engineering of Cross Country Pipelines, flowlines and associated facilities.

Served with Consulting
firms in Pakistan.

Stress Analysis of Pipelines/piping network Preparation of Pipeline Route Maps,
Alignment Sheets.
Piping layouts & details, Piping Isometrics, Crossings drawings. Technical bid evaluation for project materials.
Well conversant with ASME, API stds. Shell DEPs.

Worley Parsons Oman
working for
PDO project

Major Pipeline Projects
Worked on Project in Oman
including 62+ flow-lines,
Production Trunklines (4nos) and Gas/Condensate export pipelines (4nos); diameter ranging from 6 inch to 20 inch

OB3 Pipeline NNPC Nigeria;
Vetting of EPC Contractor’s engineering design, detailed
drawings,  specifications  and  data  sheets  for  Line  Pipe, skid mounted Equipment, other long lead items
and materials associated with 48” x 127  Km  Gas  transmission 

Audubon-Linkso Engineering
Company Limited, Nigeria
10″ x 65 km Crude Oil and Gas Pipelines from Owa – Aladinma to Ogharefe Flow station.

Ibese Cement Factory (Dangote Group), Nigeria Engineering Services for 18” x 24 km Ewokoro-Ibese Gas Pipeline Project.

Obajana Cement Factory (Dangote Group),Nigeria
Engineering Services for 18” x 90 km Ajaokuta- Obajana Gas Pipeline Project.

7  SaadNasim

Bachelor’s in Electronics

Instrument Engineering related to Oil
and Gas installation. Worked
on Fire and Gas detection
systems, pipeline Leak detection system. General plant instruments specifications and their data sheets.

Served with Kellog
Brown & Roots (Yanbu

Flow metering systems, Instrument Cabling layouts. Safety instrument systems. Integrated Plant Control philosophy and interface with depressurization system. DCS
system representation, loop
diagrams and interlock diagrams.

Zishan Engineers (Pvt.)

8 MubashirHussain

Electrical Engineering 
from NED 1989

Development of Low &Medium
voltage Installation (network) as concepts of process control / operating strategy. 

Development of Single line drawings based on IEC, NEC standards. For SABIC Isobutane Synergey Project.

Saudi Chevron Philips
company limited.

Dar Consulting Engineers

Load analyses for system peak demand maximum demands and power factor improvement requirements for Uch II Power expansion for OGDCL. 

Descon Engineering

50 MW Wind
Power Plant

Sizing calculation for Generators, Power Transformer, H.V & L.V Switchgears, H.V/L.V cables, Distribution Transformer, UPS systems, lighting system, and
Earthing Network for Sinjhoro Dev. Project, JhalMagsi Project and Pirkoh
Compression project. 


EnarPetrotech Services

Selection of Electrical equipment for Hazardous area application, development of Area classification drawings for Class I environments based on API-RP500 recommended practice.
For Aramco Wasea bulk plant, Pressurization system for 7 substations.
Sabic Ground water remediation work.

Dar ul Riyadh Consultants

Distribution network layouts of Substation Power &Control cables, lighting; grounding system.

Gas Processing & LPG extraction project for Pan Ocean Oil Co. DHA Power &
De- Salination Plant

Installation details for panels, field equipment, typical routing details, cable termination, etc. as per IEC and API requirements.

Edible Oil refinery expansion for IFFCO
Pakistan Refinery Revamp project
for Byco

Zishan Engineers

Development of Electrical Equipment Specifications and data sheets. 
Schematic and wiring connection / hook-up drawings for machine control, circuit breaker control. Cable schedule for power, control and instrument cables. Bid Eval & HAZOP

Enar Petrotech Services
Various Oil and Gas processing
projects for
OGDCL, Parco, KRL and NRL